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Is your social media strategy different for each platform?

“Where Twitter followers appreciate short-form instant gratification and Facebook fans enjoy visual stimulation, the Google+ community has shown a strong preference for informative and helpful content.” – Sarah Lynch

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Is social media marketing dead?

“Better than half the businesses interviewed admitted the decision was still out on social marketing’s value. They are prepared to sit it out in 2014 rather than continue to invest. Less than half the total businesses contacted are using social … Continue reading

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Does your mobile app have a specific purpose?

“Most mobile applications are not generating profits and … many mobile apps are not designed to generate revenue, but rather are used to build brand recognition and product awareness or are just for fun.” – Ken Dulaney

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“Competition is good. If you’re paying attention, it ensures you are delivering the best product combined with the best experience and at the best price.” – James Sinclair

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How many new ideas are you field testing?

“If you think you have a good idea, get into the marketplace as quickly as you can, using as little money as possible, and see what happens.” – Paul Brown

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Do you agree with Jon?

“I’ve got a simplistic way of looking at success in business. I believe all major corporate problems stem from inadequate revenue. I’ve never seen a company in trouble from having too much revenue.” – Jon Spoelstra

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