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“Customers and capabilities — not the competition — should take center stage when developing strategies.” – Ken Favaro

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How digitization is affecting business strategy

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Sometimes it’s actually better to shut a business down than go into bankruptcy.

That’s surely the case with General Motors. Their track record since going into bankruptcy in 2009 doesn’t look so good with headlines like “GM cars sold: 12 million. Recalled: 13.8 million.” (Read more)

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Would you start your business again today?

“If we weren’t already in this business, would we enter it today? And if not, what are we going to do about it?” – Peter Drucker

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Have you considered deliberate obsolescence?

“How can we become the company that would put us out of business?” – Danny Meyer

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Are you standing out in the marketplace?

“Bottom line, to compete in the marketplace you need to produce something that is new, better and different.” – Nell Merlino

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